(ghost story friday) Author Interview: Mike Bergonzi


For today, we’ve got author Mike Bergonzi talking about his own experiences with the supernatural. Enjoy, and thanks for dropping by, Mike!

DKP: What do you write? What are you working on now?

Mike: So far, I’ve written science fiction and fantasy with a realistic spin. Historical and urban fantasy tend to be the two main genres which interest me. So far, I’ve erred on the side of realism, rather than the fantastical. My world building on the other hand is cherrypicking the good bits of real world history and incorporating it into a secondary world. The best example of this is my first published work: Moon and Star. Essentially it’s Feudal Japan, but the country is not actually called Japan in the book. It was a hard decision to make, but in the end I chose cool things over historical accuracy. Made writing the book a whole lot easier. Yes, I may have cut some corners, but it was in service of the story.

As for what I’m working on right now, it’s a toss up between three projects. I find myself switching back and forth between a short story for a sequel anthology, an historical mystery set in Elizabethan England, and the sequel to Moon and Star. The short story should take priority, but I still have no idea where that particular story is headed. The endgame is a complete mystery and the first draft deadline is fast approaching at the time of this interview.

DKP: Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

Mike: I’m not a non-believer (apologies for the double negative, but you get the idea). After a certain event me and my brother experienced made me question the actual existence of the supernatural. I was in high school and my brother was in college. This was around 2007-08.

DKP: Would you like to go on an investigation? If so, where would you like to explore?

Mike: If I ever wanted to write a supernatural story of some sort, then yes. I’d need to psych myself up, but right now I don’t have any plans to write anything supernatural. As for an actual location? No idea.

DKP: Tell us a ghost story. (This can be true or made-up, and doesn’t have to be more than a paragraph or two)

Mike: This may have been a demon and not a spirit, but it’s still a freaky story. Basically we performed a seance of sorts. One involving two candles, a string and a rock tied to it along with strips of paper with answers on them. Perhaps some of the more hardcore people will know what the name of this is. It escapes me at the moment. (DKP: sounds like a version of a Ouija board to me!)

What happened was when my brother asked the spirit of our grandfather “how did you die?” The answer was a train and the rock swung there without any movement from my brother’s hand or wrist. The person performing this–my stepbrother–didn’t know how he died, because my brother and I had never talked about him. Funny thing was my friend and I learned this on Xbox Live from someone. The reason I say it could’ve been a demon was because one of my friends wanted to become a pastor of some sort and he claimed it was probably a demon and not the ghost of my grandfather. It’s still a cool story.

DKP: Where can we find you?

Mike: You can find me at MikeBergonzi.net. I also run an Audio Drama Review site: AudioDramaReviews.com where each week I post a review of some kind of audio drama, audiobook, or anything in between. Other than that I’m Facebook at Facebook.com/MLBergonzi and Twitter at @globalbergonzi.

Do you have a ghost story you want to share? Or an author interview you’d like to see? Or are you an author that would be willing to be interviewed? Let us know at casemanager@dkparanormal.com!


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